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Waystar + Meditech

The path to peak EHR performance

Waystar’s cloud-based platform works with your existing MEDITECH EHR system to deliver a holistic payment experience. Our smart, intuitive software helps minimize administrative burdens, reduce friction in the revenue cycle, and optimize financial performance.

That way, providers can focus more on what matters most: caring for their patients and communities.

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Proud to be a MEDITECH Alliance partner

Waystar is recognized as a MEDITECH Alliance partner, which signifies our commitment to providing a smooth EHR integration experience and continued innovation to transform healthcare payments processes.

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Smart solutions for EHR integration

Whether you need to fine-tune a specific area or take a full platform approach, we offer end-to-end revenue cycle solutions that complement your existing MEDITECH EHR system.

Financial Clearance

Eligibility Verification  |  Real-time Authorization  |  Coverage Detection

Streamline your financial clearance processes and reduce time-consuming tasks. Waystar provides more intelligent and accurate eligibility responses, identifies more active insurance coverage, and reduces errors in the authorization process — all with less manual effort.


average coverage detection hit rate


authorization rules


of U.S. patient population in database

Patient Financial Care

Patient Financial Engagement + Payments  |  Patient Estimation  |  Advanced Propensity to Pay  |  Charity Screening

Deliver a better patient financial experience, while empowering providers with cutting-edge collection tools. Waystar’s solutions help patients understand (and meet) their financial responsibilities with accurate estimates and modern, intuitive payment options to match their preferences and budgets.


self-service payment rate


patient NPS


average collections lift

Revenue Capture

DRG Anomaly Detection  |  Charge Integrity

Let less revenue slip through the cracks. Powered by predictive analytics and machine learning, Waystar Revenue Capture uses advanced technology and the support of coding experts to help identify and recover more revenue, more quickly.


average ROI for clients using Revenue Capture


Waystar auditor agreement rate


average DRG Anomaly recovery per claim

Claim + Payer Payment Management

Claim Management  |  Medicare Enterprise  |  Claim Monitoring  |  Payer Payments + Remit Deposit Management 

Leverage Waystar’s extensive claims database and payer connections to produce cleaner claims, reduce denials up front, and lower the cost to collect. Our features, such as Pre-Claim Coverage Detection and Rule Manager, give you the power to automatically identify coverage before a claim goes out the door and create your own custom claim rules in minutes.


continuously updated claim edits


average clean claim rate


payer connections

Denial Prevention + Recovery

Denial Prevention + Recovery  |  Denial + Appeal Management 

Waystar can help prevent denials up front and recover payments faster if a denial does occur. We use advanced technology, including AI-driven denial prioritization and automation to populate and deliver appeal forms, so your team can focus on the right denials and operate at peak efficiency.


pre-populated payer-specific appeal forms


paperless appeal process


AI-driven denial prioritization

Analytics + Reporting

Analytics Peak + Pro

With Waystar, your organization can expand its RCM reporting with in-depth revenue cycle reports and intuitive, interactive dashboards to track trends, monitor performance, and gain actionable insights.


pre-built reports


pre-built dashboards on key RCM metrics


AI claim, remit, and denial KPIs

A smooth experience awaits

Discover how our smooth implementation and outstanding client support helps ensure your healthcare organization achieves MEDITECH EHR integration — and sets you up for success from the start.

Elevate your expectations


same-day support case resolution


average time to reach live support


on-time implementations

Waystar data, 2023

Discover the way forward

Learn more about how Waystar’s revenue cycle solutions integrate with your MEDITECH EHR system to create a holistic payment experience. Speak to a Waystar expert today.

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