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Packaged For Better Performance

Built around our most in-demand rev cycle tools, our new product packages are an easy, cost-effective way to elevate your productivity and financial performance. We’d love to learn more about your organization’s needs and goals to help you figure out which package makes the most sense for you and your team.

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Claim Management


Simplify denial management


Reach workflow excellence


Achieve revenue cycle automation
Work claims and remits with advanced clearinghouse functionality
Automated front-end claim editing and scrubbing
View and edit claims in customizable workgroups for prioritization and staff assignment
Payer response clarified and simplified with Simple ResponseTM technology
Hundreds of crowdsourced rules and edits
Expanded claim lifecycle visibility through date tracking and proof of timely filing reports
Dashboards and reports for key rev cycle performance and user productivity metrics
Real-time status inquiries
Make eligibility and benefit coverage inquiries
600+ payer connections
Verify eligibility and co-payments
Quickly and easily enter patient info
Expedite check-in by accessing real-time plan information in seconds
Automated provider enrollment
Denial prevention with automated pre-claim eligibility verification
Streamline denial management
Flexible workgroups and automation to close non-workable denials
Eligibility integration to check patient coverage within denial workflow
Root cause reporting to reduce preventable denials
Robust outcome reporting and dashboards for user-friendly resubmissions and payer follow-up
Simplify appeal processes
Appeals wizard that allows you to create three-step, 100% paperless appeals packages
1,100+ payer appeal templates available and pre-populated with remit and provider data, including proof of timely filling
Custom and dynamic attachments and saved responses streamline submission
Ability to batch 100 similar appeals to same payer
Automate claim status checks
Custom schedules to accommodate follow-up workflow
Proactive claim status checks based on predictive analytics that determine optimal timing
Automatic claim status checks without the need for batch files
Early notification of pended claims
Payer response clarified and simplified with Simple ResponseTM technology
Ability to work by exception with focused workgroups
Visualize your performance and 
deliver actionable insights
Custom dashboards and reports
Alerts to drive corrective action when KPIs deviate from target range
All-in-one, standardized rev cycle analytics for financial performance clarity
Intuitive drill-down capabilities to identify key details in the health of the rev cycle
Automate bank reconciliation processes
Automated identification of missing or inaccurate deposits and ERAs
Streamlined payment posting workflows to avoid posting delays that increase AR days
Aggregated reporting for payment information—even if you use more than one bank
Convert paper EOBs to electronic files
Indexing of checks and documents for historical tracking
Automated payment posting and reconciliation

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