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Between missing charges, coding mistakes, and DRG underpayments, many healthcare organizations are losing out on a significant amount of revenue they’re owed. Powered by predictive analytics and machine learning — and supported by a dedicated team of certified coding experts — our suite of Revenue Capture solutions can help you identify and correct these errors. With Waystar, your team can easily recover more revenue and save hours of work.
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Capture all Medicare underpayments with Waystar

Almost half of all Medicare discharges are coded as transfer DRGs, and identifying Medicare transfer DRG underpayments can be a costly challenge. While you work to receive underpayments, you may not find 100% of them. Waystar’s technology quickly identifies transfer DRG underpayments with little to no extra work from your team.

Start capturing all underpayments today with Waystar.
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Waystar’s Transfer DRG recovery solution has been incredibly easy and has positively impacted our organization’s ability to identify and recover Medicare underpayments. Waystar has excellent relationship management, and the quarterly process is easy — we set it and forget it.

Matt Morgan, VP of Finance, Montage Health

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