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On average, health systems and hospitals lose 1% of their potential net revenue due to charge capture problems—which can mean millions of lost dollars annually. With Waystar, your organization can bring in more revenue in a cost-efficient way. Look to our predictive analytics, advanced rules and expert auditors to reveal actionable insights that help you increase revenue.

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We don’t have the time to constantly read journals to find out the latest code—I don’t know anyone who does. Just one cardiology code paid for the Charge Integrity product for a few years.

Joe McLendon, Assistant Director, Revenue Integrity, Floyd Health Care System

Make charge capture errors a thing of the past

In an environment where codes and billing regulations are always changing, ensuring charge capture accuracy and compliance are huge challenges. Waystar identifies incorrect and under-coded claims, as well as DRG anomalies, helping our clients protect and uncover millions in revenue each year and saving hours of manual work.

Our expert team of data scientists, equipped with true predictive analytics and machine learning, set Waystar apart with an unprecedented approach to revenue capture and integrity.

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