Registration QA

Empower front-end staff with high-accuracy automation

Registration errors that naturally slip through during manual auditing processes can lead to technical denials or delayed bills. With Waystar’s automated Registration QA solution, you can empower your staff by streamlining workflows and reducing front-end billing errors.

Our solution uses an advanced rules engine to identify registration errors in real time. It’s a proven approach backed by rapid user feedback that delivers high registration and financial clearance accuracy.

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What makes Waystar different

Achieve precision registration results

Waystar’s Registration QA cuts down on persistent front-end issues that would otherwise create billing delays and technical denials. By identifying pre-registration and registration errors in real-time, our solution makes sure you and your patients get off on the right foot. What’s more, automating the QA process frees up your team to focus and intervene on root cause issues.

Features + benefits

  • Exception management worklist
  • Exception based workflows
  • Identifies errors in real time
  • Advanced rules engine
  • Easily deployable custom edits and focused worklists
  • Address verification for all accounts
  • Out-of-the-box quality assurance reports
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How to get the most out of Registration QA

See how you can transform your patients’ front-end experience and guarantee more reimbursement by leveraging the complementary solutions below.

Complementary Solutions

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