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Take the smart approach to patient collections

As patient balances continue to rise with high deductible plans and regulatory changes, realizing this revenue is a growing challenge for providers. In fact, about 58% of bad debt is attributable to self-pay after insurance accounts. What if your team could easily identify those accounts where your resources will be most useful?

Waystar’s Advanced Patient Propensity to Pay solution intelligently stratifies accounts based on collection risk and how much a patient can be expected to pay—making it easy to identify which accounts to work in-house, which to write-off and which to outsource to collection agencies. Utilizing Waystar’s predictive analytics and proven workflows, providers can maximize patient revenue while improving patient satisfaction.

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A patient-centered collection approach

By leveraging powerful predictive analytics, Waystar’s Advanced Patient Propensity to Pay solution gives you deeper visibility into the expected cash value of a patient’s account as well as their likely communication preferences—so you make the right contact, at the right time with the right approach. Our technology:

  • Identifies expected cash value, even for those without credit history
  • Doesn’t rely on traditional credit bureaus or ‘soft hits’ that dissatisfy patients
  • Tracks aging accounts to guide collection agency placement strategies
  • Provides easy-to-read dashboards with performance insights

At Atrium Health we always focus on putting the patient first. With that top of mind, we deployed Waystar predictive analytics and technology and were actually blown away with the results. Waystar is definitely one of our top vendors and we certainly value the collaboration we have with them.

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Engage patients as the new payers

As self-pay balances swell, many providers feel in the dark when it comes to collection efforts. Bigger balances and higher credit scores are often prioritized but those aren’t always the best indicator of who’s most likely to pay their bills, which can lead to more write-offs, increased AR days and dead-end collection efforts.

The healthcare market is becoming more consumer-driven and a one size fits all collection approach is no longer defensible. Waystar can help maximize your outreach efforts in a smarter and demonstrable way, helping to increase your patient engagement and collection goals.

  • 58% of bad debt is attributable to self-pay after insurance¹
  • As self pay balances age, the cost to collect and probability of collection become a more important consideration on what next step to take¹

¹Crowe RCA Benchmarking Analysis

Get more insights into patient-pay collections

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Realize greater benefits through expansion

Get even more value out of Advanced Propensity to Pay by combining it with complementary solutions. Explore the links below to find out how you can improve the patient experience and get greater insight into your revenue cycle.


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