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Waystar ensures that providers operate at peak performance and empowers patients to pay for care with confidence. We know when care teams and patients have a better experience, it results in faster, fuller payments and happier patients.

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Settling for a poor experience is costly

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Subpar client support experience leads to frustrated teams, wasted time, mistrust, staff burnout, and poor outcomes.

healthcare administrators cite staffing shortages as today’s biggest challenge1

Substandard product experience results in tedious manual workflows, time lost correcting errors, and disconnected programs.

of healthcare spending is wasteful2

Fractured patient financial experience causes confused patients, deferred care, decreased payments, and damaged loyalty.

younger patients will switch providers over a negative financial experience3

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Outstanding client satisfaction

Waystar’s net promoter score ranks among the most prestigious brands in the world1

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Waystar is a technology company that serves people — and we always remember that. Whether you are implementing new solutions, seeking fresh strategies for success, or simply need better support, we ensure it’s easy to get answers when you need them most.

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The way to offer compassionate care

A poor patient financial experience impacts more than your bottom line.

Market shifts over the last two decades have resulted in a steep uptick in patient financial responsibility, with patient revenue now surpassing that of many organizations’ largest insurance payers. You need expert solutions to build trust and provide a payment experience that feels custom-made.

See our solutions in action

Focus on financial transparency and boost patients’ confidence in your services by providing pre-service communication, precise estimates, and accurate bills after treatment
Offer a convenient, seamless experience that simplifies patient payments and provides flexible options to meet their financial responsibilities
Give compassionate care by educating patients about their financial obligations and meet them where they are
Help prevent negative experiences caused by administrative errors such as prior authorization delays, estimation mistakes, missing insurance coverage, and denied claims

A new era of innovation

Solving the challenges of today with the technology of tomorrow

Patient Payment Clarity

With Waystar’s advanced technology, patients know what they owe before the point of care, have convenient ways to pay, and personalized payment plans tailored to their needs.

Intelligent Automation

Providers receive payment promptly after delivering care, reduce manual workflows, and are relieved of managing or appealing denials.

Identify Hidden Revenue

Waystar architects thousands of personalized charge capture data models to continually yield new revenue opportunities with exceptional accuracy.

"Waystar continues to deliver on our commitment to simplify healthcare payments, giving providers the confidence to focus on what matters most: their patients and communities."

Matt Hawkins, Waystar CEO

Smart platform. Powerful results.

"The implementation team made us feel like we were their only client. That made a huge difference in our onboarding experience."

Jessica Weathers,
Director of Revenue Cycle

"Waystar shares our vision, understands our pain points, and provides support that is a game-changer throughout our organization."

Nestor Diaz,
Director of Revenue Cycle

"Waystar's integration with Epic has helped our staff assist patients more efficiently… In fact, this has resulted in reduced patient call handle times, improving the patient financial experience while boosting staff productivity."

Andrea Mejia,
Executive Director of Patient Financial Care

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