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Claim Monitoring

There’s a smarter way to check claim status

Do you know the right time to status a claim? With Waystar, now you can predict when to solicit a payer response and intelligently automate claim status checks—helping your staff truly work smarter and do more with less.

Waystar’s Claim Monitoring solution curates the most enriched status response, controls claim follow-up, and captures payments faster. Our revolutionary Remit Forecast engine predicts the right time to status a claim and intelligently drives follow-up when a remit is overdue. Find out how much more your team can accomplish with smarter Claim Monitoring.

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supports status checks for 400+ payers and counting

Make the most of your resources

Making phone calls and visiting payer websites to check claim status takes up your staff’s valuable time. And, frequently, there isn’t any action to take once the status has been checked. Waystar’s Claims Monitoring automatically lets you know when a claim needs attention, so you can focus your resources where they’ll do the most good.

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Use the calculator to see how much you could save by eliminating unproductive touches and allowing for prioritized and automated status checks.

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What makes Waystar different

Get paid in less time with Claim Monitoring

Our well-established Claim Monitoring solution can work with any clearinghouse, connects with a large number of payers and empowers your team members to become specialized claim remediation experts.

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features + benefits

  • Custom client-specific disposition codes tailor to your follow-up needs
  • Predictive remit modeling reduces untimely checks
  • Control status checks with user-friendly scheduler
  • Direct integration options allow for streamlined follow-up
  • Enriched claim response + flexible payer connections facilitate rapid intervention
  • Expansive payer coverage and proactive monitoring of payer portals
  • Non-clearinghouse dependent provides flexibility

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We can identify payer specific trends, gather all the information, and address issues faster, to positively reduce AR days with Claims Monitoring.

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Transform your claim workflows with Waystar

Claim Monitoring works with any clearinghouse and is a turnkey solution that can make a big difference. If you’re ready to expand your claims and clearinghouse capabilities, click through to learn more about complementary solutions that will help you get even more out of your revenue cycle.


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