The path to a better revenue cycle starts here, and we guide our clients every step of the way. Together, we can keep healthcare working at its best.

Matt Hawkins, CEO of Waystar

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The healthcare landscape is always evolving, and so are the financial challenges facing providers and their teams.

Waystar’s innovative technology simplifies and unifies the revenue cycle, helps improve financials and creates greater transparency for patients. You need a partner who can see the long view and quickly adapt to new challenges. Together, we can cast healthcare in a whole new light.

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Fast and Seamless Integration

Transform your rev cycle with ease. Whatever your existing systems, our cost-effective technology is compatible with all of them and gets up and running quickly. Give your staff the intuitive solutions that will make their jobs easier and their workflows more efficient.

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Choose from our full suite of solutions or customize to fit your needs, and rely on our award-winning client support to help you keep everything running smoothly.

Patient Financial Clearance
Verify insurance coverage to reduce claim rejections and denials
Revenue Integrity
Find missing charges and capture revenue you’re due
Claim Management
Automatically submit and track claims, and reduce AR days with intelligence-driven workflows
Denial Management
Prevent denials and automate appeals
Contract Management
Gain control over payer negotiations, manage your contracts and recover owed revenue
Patient Financial Experience
Collect patient payments, determine propensity to pay and improve the patient experience
Agency Management
Get insights into outsourced agency effectiveness
Social Determinants of Health
Use data on broad factors that influence health to improve clinical outcomes

How the future takes shape

Very little in healthcare is static. Against a backdrop of government regulation, merger and acquisition activity, growing consumerization and more, constant innovation is key. We’re always developing new technology so we can help you tackle the challenges of tomorrow—and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

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Gain greater visibility

Your decisions are only as good as your information. Get a broader and deeper view of your revenue cycle with Waystar, thanks to our advanced machine learning and true predictive analytics.

Automatically find out when a claim needs attention, prevent denials, unlock understanding of propensity to pay and much more. These are the tools and insights that enable informed decision-making and better financials—and ultimately clear the way for exceptional care.

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With Waystar’s integrated end-to-end platform, we can look at processes that span from patient access to charge integrity to denials. These solutions allow us the greatest possible impact on our bottom line. We’re excited about where we can go in the future.

David Willie, Chief Financial Officer, Yuma Regional Medical Center

Empower new growth

The right technology can make all the difference. Our platform helped a large health system increase patient-paid revenue by 20%. With Waystar, a leading specialty agency reduced denials by 72%. Find out what your organization can accomplish with more revenue and teams that are working at their best.

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Health systems + hospitals

Give your team the powerful technology and intuitive interfaces that will help them be more productive and less frustrated—while bringing in more revenue than ever before.

Physician + specialty practices

With Waystar’s easy-to-use, affordable solutions, your practice will run more smoothly and efficiently—so you can focus your time and energy on patient care.


Our technology is always evolving to stay ahead of the curve, and we work hard to deliver the smoothest integrations in the industry. Partner with us to drive company growth.

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