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HMA report: Investment in patient financial experience key to revenue improvement

In partnership with the Health Management Academy (HMA), Waystar has compiled the latest healthcare market research and insights from leading health systems (LHS) about the current state of the patient financial experience.


The 4 stages of true patient financial care

Organizations that offer the best patient financial experience work hard to reach that goal. But how do you know which steps will get you there if you’re still currently on the journey? Track your progress to a better patient financial experience with this quick, simple guide.


Sharpen your healthcare revenue cycle — in 7 steps

Using decades of industry expertise and real-world data, our eBook will help you identify the pain points for your organization. Then, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions for refining your processes, implementing change, and making the most of your healthcare RCM software.


Improve workforce efficiency in healthcare

Savvy healthcare organizations have cracked the code to boost margins and increase workforce efficiency. In this eBook, we’ll explore how four industry leaders are staying ahead of the curve.


4 common mistakes of automated RCM software

This eBook will help you uncover four critical — and all-too-common — mistakes many systems accidentally make while working to automate healthcare payments.


Choosing the right RCM vendor for automation success

Discover how to frame the conversation with a potential vendor, so you don’t sell yourself short when investing in your health organization’s automation technology.