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Price Transparency: Empowering patients and providers with accurate estimates

Patients rarely know what they will owe for services until after they’ve received them. Empower your patient population by enabling…

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Price transparency mandate: Making sense of the CMS final rule

Healthcare attorney Becky Greenfield discusses the current state of the CMS Hospital Price Transparency Rule and what providers should know…

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Patient-specific strategies for an Increasing Self-Pay Population in the time of COVID

Providers are facing a dramatic increase in self-pay patients as a result of the economic fallout related to the COVID-19…

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Maximizing your revenue with Waystar and PrognoCIS

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape and especially in times of uncertainty, capturing more revenue faster while maximizing resource capacity…

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Intelligent Automation: The Power of AI and RPA in the Revenue Cycle

Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) technologies provide significant opportunities for process automation and cost reduction…

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How to Unlock Prior Authorization Potential

Prior authorizations continue to be a source of lost revenue and denied claims for providers nationwide. As payers change and…