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Charity Screening

Offer automated + fair financial evaluations

If your hospital is like many in the country, your team may be facing a shortage of time, which can make the process of determining whether patients are eligible for financial assistance a strain on resources. Waystar’s charity screening solution automates this process to proactively and consistently identify patients that qualify for charity under a provider’s Financial Assistance Policy.

With Waystar’s pioneering technology, you can:

  • Increase charity coverage
  • Support not-for-profit status while serving the community
  • Improve 501r compliance, staff efficiency, and the patient experience

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What makes Waystar different

A better experience for those patients who need it most

Waystar’s charity screening technology provides patients with a fair and consistent evaluation for financial assistance and legal compliance, and helps hospitals deliver on their community benefit mission. Unlike other solutions, Waystar’s charity screening does not rely on credit checks, which can irritate patients. It also enables hospitals to correctly classify a patient account prior to bad debt, thus improving the hospital’s financial assistance footprint while directly benefiting patients.

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Complementary solutions

Take patient collections to the next level

In addition to Charity Screening, Waystar offers solutions that can help your team focus their patient collection efforts where they’ll do the most good. Click through below to learn more about how you can get even more out of Waystar.

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