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Referral Status

Authorization status for referrals

Ready to reduce the burden of manual administrative tasks? Automate the process of checking authorization referral status and improve patient experiences, all at once. Meet Waystar’s Referral Status.

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Waystar's Referral Status expedites the care path to minimize patient leakage and creates better clinical and financial outcomes for patients. Using intelligent automation, we centralize all referral activities on one platform, directly with the payer.

Waystar’s Referral Status

Checks referral status directly with the payer
Retrieves comprehensive details about referral status
Delivers that information seamlessly into your workflow

Reduce costs + manual work with Referral Status


Direct integration

By integrating directly into your HIS + PM workflows, staff know instantly which referrals have been accepted, rejected, denied, or need more information.


Intelligent automation

Using API and EDI technology, authorization referrals are statused directly with the payer and workqueues are automatically updated. Substantiation data is saved for each transaction.


Accurate responses

Timely responses minimize the errors and delays that cause denials, foster prompt scheduling of patient follow-up, and speed authorization referral closure.

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