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The smart + simple way to manage prior authorizations

Prior authorizations are a leading cause of denied claims — a problem that costs healthcare providers millions in lost revenue and keeps patients from getting the care they need when they need it. The challenge is only growing as the volume of prior auth increases.

Waystar’s artificial intelligence and RPA technology can automate the authorization process and free up staff for other priorities. Our clients have doubled staff productivity, cut denials in half, and enhanced their patient care. Find out how much more your team is capable of.

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Reduce denials + cut out manual work

There’s a wealth of powerful data within your EHR —  you just need real-time insights and seamless integration to make it actionable. Powered by Waystar’s smart platform, our Prior Authorization solution:

  • Automatically verifies, initiates, statuses and retrieves comprehensive authorization details
  • Enables efficient, intelligent automation by initiating authorizations at twice the speed of manual processes
  • Integrates directly with all major HIS and PM systems
  • Provides a smart authorization platform, including authorization submissions for unscheduled admissions and auto-generating Advance Beneficiary Notices or Notice of Non-Coverage forms for Medical Necessity
  • Adapts to constantly shifting payer rules and requirements
  • Was built and is maintained by our in-house team of experts
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Prior auth by the numbers

auth transactions conducted per year
reduction in cost per authorization
service lines covered
reduction in authorization process time
reduction in auth-related denials

How Prior Authorization works

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Faster prior auth approvals + a lower cost

Our breakthrough prior authorization technology integrates with all major EMRs and payer systems, constantly working behind the scenes while gaining speed, reducing turnaround time, and increasing accuracy with every exchange. This is achieved by leveraging millions of rules, and enhanced through millions of authorization transactions we conduct each year. RPA payer connectivity automatically routes to payers based on patient type and managing entity.

Find out what greater operational efficiency and fewer denials can mean for your team — and for your patients.

Products included

Includes Prior Authorizations (initiate + status)   |   Medical Necessity   |   Admission Notification/Submission   |   Referrals (coming soon!)


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