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Transfer DRG

Easily eliminate underpayments

Transfer DRG underpayments are a critical concern for providers, creating significant revenue losses as staff struggle to identify and correct an ever-growing pile of claims. In fact, nearly half of all Medicare discharges are coded as transfer DRGs. That’s why Waystar offers a simple way to proactively reduce those errors and recover years of lost revenue.

Waystar’s Transfer DRG solution identifies TDRG underpayments and adjusts claims on your behalf with minimal staff effort. This automated solution reviews all 280 DRGs subject to PACT rules—and comes with a comprehensive retrospective analysis to correct claims and identify underpayments.
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What makes Waystar different

The easy way to collect fuller reimbursement

Waystar is an approved CMS Network Services Vendor with direct access to CWF and MAC portals, which allows us to directly adjust approved claims on your behalf and deliver Medicare payments as quickly as possible.

Transfer DRG offers:

  • Fully automated review of all 280 DRGs subject to the PACT rules
  • Expert auditor review
  • Common Working File (CWF) as source of truth
  • Includes claim adjustment on your behalf
  • Automated file extracts
  • Contingency based pricing

Solutions that augment Transfer DRG

Our solutions work together seamlessly to help your organization take control of revenue loss, operate more efficiently, and free up resources for patient care. Realize even greater benefits by exploring solutions especially complementary to Transfer DRG below.

Complementary SOLUTIONS

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Waystar’s Transfer DRG recovery solution has been incredibly easy and has positively impacted our organization’s ability to identify and recover Medicare underpayments. Waystar has excellent relationship management, and the quarterly process is easy — we set it and forget it.

Matt Morgan, VP of Finance, Montage Health

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