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Payer Reimbursement Suite

Get swift + simple payer reimbursement

When it comes to healthcare remittance, manual work and multi-system management are the norm — but they don’t have to be.

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Payer remittance can be simple.
Waystar can help.

Waystar’s Remit Manager gives you one platform for all payer payments. Because it was built specifically for healthcare remittance, Waystar’s simple solution can increase efficiency, visibility, and accuracy — all while streamlining workflows.

Waystar's Payer Reimbursement Suite

Remit Manager

Auto-matches and posts payer payments with analytics, enrollments, and search.

Remit Deposit Management

Auto-reconciles, splits, and exposes missing or inaccurate deposits.

Payer Lockbox

Creates searchable electronic versions of 835s and facilitates posting.

EOB Conversion

Converts checks and correspondence to digital lockboxes for electronic deposits.

Remit Manager

A clearer, quicker path to payer remittance

With Waystar’s complete healthcare-remittance solution, you can:

  • Replace disparate systems with one platform for payer remittance
  • Manage commercial and government payers in one place
  • Increase visibility and control with detailed reporting and an intuitive dashboard
  • Streamline workflows with flexible search, sorting, and reporting
  • Cut out manual processes with automated claim-to-remit matching, payment posting, reconciliation, and disruption-free enrollments

Put payer reimbursement on autopilot

per claim, saved by switching from paper to e-transactions
of payer payments auto-reconciled, split + posted
CAQH Index 2022
Waystar data, 2023

Remit Manager key features

Payer payment management

Waystar’s system will automatically:

  • Track, view, and download 835s from all enrolled payers
  • Convert all paper EOBs to 835s and sync to HIS/PM systems
  • Split remits and payments among multiple providers and systems
Enhanced dashboard reporting

Use our Remits Dashboard to:

  • View all payment information at a glance
  • Access advanced reporting options
  • Sort by Top Payer Activity, Payment Activity by Day, and Failed Deposit Conversions
Flexible workflow, search + sorting

Search by:

  • Date
  • Payment date
  • Patient number + more

Sort remits by:

  • Date
  • Number of payments
  • Amount + more

Why Waystar?

Waystar was built specifically for healthcare payments.

We know why a seamless exchange of claims and remits is essential every day. We also understand that timing is everything, which is why our platform works around-the-clock to automatically match remits and ID missing or inaccurate information. It's also why we created a single platform for both commercial and government payers — so you can get paid faster, more accurately, and with less effort.

What’s more, as the largest SaaS-based clearinghouse in the US, we offer unmatched payer connectivity. We’re trusted by 1M+ providers and 5,000 health plans, and we process $200B+ provider payments each year.

of US population's claims processed
in patient payments processed
healthcare providers supported
hospital+health system clients
commercial and Medicaid/Medicare connections

Source: Waystar data
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