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Waystar for Federally Qualified Health Centers

Take a smart + simple approach to fuller reimbursement

At Waystar, we know that Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) face unique challenges.

It’s difficult to get paid on time — and in full — in the face of disparate workflows, administrative burdens, and a lack of resources and funding.

That’s why we offer technology and expertise specific to your needs as an FQHC.

FQHC billing made easy

Your team needs a solution built just for Federally Qualified Health Centers

Waystar’s FQHC solutions can help your team with every part of reimbursement — starting with providing accurate patient estimates that reflect your sliding self-pay fee schedules. Our solutions will also allow your team to submit all claim types — including dental and Medicare — through one connection.

Waystar’s FQHC solution will help:
  • Automate manual processes
  • Proactively manage and prevent denials
  • Streamline appeals with a 100%-paperless option
  • Consolidate workflows using one partner, on a single platform
  • Gain robust reporting and data visibility
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Our motto is work smarter, not harder. Waystar lets us do that.

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Special features for FQHC billing

Patient estimation

  • Maximize the effect of your specific business rules, including sliding self-pay fee schedules, real-time eligibility data, and more.
  • Generate highly accurate estimates to empower staff and improve collections for a more positive patient experience.

Claim Management

  • Use intelligence-driven workflows to automatically submit and track all claim types while reducing AR days.
  • Proactively provide actionable claim status details for faster remediation.
  • Uncover missing deposits and ERAs with automated, precise remit matching and reconciliation.

Denial + Appeal Management

  • Effectively identify and understand your denials so you can get valuable insight into payer-specific denial trends and outcomes.
  • Customize your approach by payer, and segment the workflow to specific staff members.
  • Automate the appeals process by auto-populating payer-specific forms with data and attachments for submission.

Coverage Detection

  • Discover billable insurance that might otherwise go overlooked.
  • Help your organization generate more cash flow while relieving patients’ financial burden.
  • Find 31% of active coverage for patients presenting as self-pay.

Medicare Enterprise

  • Automate Medicare claim management and get paid faster.
  • Access all Medicare tools, workflows, and analytics in one place — no more direct entry, manual processes, or purchase of additional solutions.

Success strategies FQHCs need to know

Get the insights you need to improve performance

Your decisions are only as good as your information, but trying to track down useful data can be difficult and time-consuming. Waystar’s industry-leading analytics and business intelligence tools make it easier to access and report on critical data. With Waystar, your team can:

  • Increase workflow efficiency
  • Get visibility into commercial + Medicare claims in one place
  • Resolve issues more quickly for faster payment
  • Realize new revenue from underpaid claims

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Real-world results for FQHCs

Waystar has years of experience helping Federally Qualified Health Centers:

  • Collect faster reimbursement
  • Reduce manual work
  • Increase net revenue


increase in net revenue

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