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Find coverage other solutions won’t

Discovering hidden coverage is vital to protecting your financial standing. But with providers feeling the margin squeeze, they must ensure identifying active coverage is quick, seamless, and drives considerable ROI.
confirms 2.8x more coverage than other vendors

With Waystar, detection has never been simpler.

Our Coverage Detection solution makes confirming active coverage fast and efficient. Capturing billable insurance that might otherwise be overlooked will help your organization generate more cash flow while relieving financial burden that would have been placed on patients.

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Coverage Detection


Make coverage detection fast + simple

Waystar’s unmatched coverage detection process leverages both our industry-leading claims database and our wealth of payer connections to find more coverage, more accurately, and with less effort. Our cutting-edge technology:

  • Automatically confirms active coverage regardless of patient’s point of entry
  • Provides a high degree of control validating patient coverage
  • Offers customizable dashboards and reports for billable transparency
  • Improves client reimbursements by as much as 0.5%-0.6% of NPR

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Smarter coverage detection, by the numbers

finds 31% of active coverage for self-pay patients
payer connections
of US patients in our claims database
Coverage detection

Succeed in a shifting payment landscape

Patients are taking on a larger proportion of their care costs but aren’t always up to speed on their own benefits. In fact, more than 20-40% of patients presenting as self-pay actually have full or partial coverage they’re unaware of. For providers, this creates undue administrative burden and compresses their margins due to higher collection costs and more bad debt. A smarter coverage detection tool can solve these challenges.

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The comprehensive Waystar platform offers a single sign-on for a full suite of solutions that work together to transform your revenue cycle. Click below to learn more about the solutions that complement Coverage Detection to help you increase revenue while offering the best possible patient experience.


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