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Claim Management

Take the quicker, clearer path to fuller reimbursement

For providers of all kinds, managing claims is one of the most demanding parts of the revenue cycle due to deep-rooted manual processes, a lack of visibility into payer data and other challenges.

Things are different with Waystar. Our award-winning Claim Management suite can help your organization prevent rejections and denials before they happen, automate claim monitoring and streamline attachments. What’s more, Waystar is the only platform that allows you to work both commercial and government claims in one place.
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Waystar Claim Management—by the numbers


Reduce annual clearinghouse costs by 50%


Our clients’ average first-pass clean claims rate


Automate 100% of claim status inquiries

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claims management best in KLAS 2021
Although we work hard to innovate and are always developing new and better solutions, Waystar is an established product and service leader in the healthcare payments industry. We’ve been named Best in KLAS for the Claims & Clearinghouse segment 12 times. We’re proud to offer one of the industry’s leading claim engines and grateful to be able to support our clients as they work tirelessly to deliver their best care.

Honestly, after working with other clearinghouses, Waystar is the best experience that I have ever had in terms of ease of use, being extremely intuitive, tons of tools to make the revenue cycle clean and tight, and fantastic help and support.


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Claim management resources

Take a deeper look at claim management

Below, we’ve compiled some tips and best practices surrounding claim management—and expert insights on how innovative technology can help your organization work smarter. Check out our resources below

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