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Medicare Enterprise

Automate Medicare claim management + get paid faster

When it comes to managing your Medicare revenue cycle, we make it easy. Our Medicare experts have built a reimbursement experience that’s more transparent and delivers the quick and accurate reimbursement you deserve. Reduce denials, process more claims per day, improve visibility into claim status and much more.

Reduce Medicare AR days by 65-75% in six months

What makes Waystar different

Medicare claims made simple

Medicare claims add up to a sizable payer mix that can significantly influence the financial health of your organization, but they pose their challenges. Submission through your clearinghouse or direct data entry is inefficient, manual claim editing processes are error-prone, and a lack of transparency into returned, denied or pended claims can put you at risk of violating timely filing rules. With Medicare Enterprise from Waystar, you can easily automate workflows, achieve Medicare compliance and ultimately get paid more quickly and in full.

Features + benefits

  • All Medicare tools, workflows and analytics in one place — no more direct entry, manual processes or purchase of additional solutions
  • Automated Part A claims directly to FISS
  • User-friendly Medicare claim submission with easy edits and corrections
  • Powerful Medicare eligibility verification
  • Actionable claim status with simple resolutions when needed
  • Quick and secure file transfer to speed up reimbursement
  • Comprehensive Medicare reporting for greater insight into billing processes
  • Accurate Medicare AR days measurement

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Manage all your payments in one place

Waystar is a pioneer in industry-leading software solutions that enable providers to manage all their government, commercial, and patient payments on a single platform. Explore the complementary solutions below to find out how you can automate and simplify your entire revenue cycle.


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Discover a better way to manage Medicare claims

The future of Medicare payments is here. Fill out the form below, and a Waystar expert will contact you shortly. We look forward to talking with you about your organization’s needs, challenges and goals.

Reduce Medicare AR days by 65-75% in six months
65%: Harbors Home Health & Hospice, 2020
– 75%: NHS Management case study, 2020
Reduce outstanding RTPs by up to 70%: Community Health Network Case Study, 2020