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Analytics quality + compliance reporting

Automate workflows + achieve Medicare compliance

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have strict requirements in place to meet quality standards, but manual processes make compliance inefficient and difficult. Manual processes are at a higher risk for errors and delays, which leave your organization without accurate reimbursement or responsible for penalties.

With Waystar, you can achieve control over the government payer revenue cycle through automation to:

  • Obtain faster status updates
  • Maintain or achieve compliance
  • Improve management reporting and analytics
  • Get paid faster

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What makes Waystar different

One platform. Infinite opportunities.

Through a single portal, your organization can maintain compliance with CMS-mandated reporting, automate manual processes and have control over multiple quality measures.

  • Quickly and easily send OASIS, MDS, HIS and PBJ files to CMS (and validate acceptance of the file) with Medicare file transfer
  • Eliminate manual retrieval of CASPER reports
  • Robust reporting and analytics to help make process improvements
  • Proactively analyze and identify causes for negative impacts with OASIS scrubbing
  • Access all your Medicare tools in one convenient place
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Analytics Quality + Compliance by the numbers

client retention rate of 95%
consolidate all your Medicare vendors to a single platform

Source: Waystar data, 2023

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Waystar offers a full range of solutions to help you get paid more quickly and in full. Click through to learn more about how you can transform your revenue cycle with solutions that work together to drive even greater value for your organization.

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