Navicure® Payments™
Make it easy for patients to pay and staff to collect payments.

Navicure® Payments™, an award-winning patient payment automation system, enables organizations to securely store patients’ debit / credit card numbers and charge each patient’s card once financial responsibility is determined. It can be used to collect co-pays, unpaid balances, unmet deductibles, and co-insurance after payer remittance. Navicure® Payments™ also facilitates automated payment plans as an alternative, or in addition, to a one-time charge.

With the solution, you’ll be able to:

  • Decrease the risk of bad debt by collecting at (or near) the time of service
  • Increase cash flow by having patients commit to paying for their care by authorizing a one-time transaction or signing up for an automated payment plan
  • Decrease the cost associated with patient payments – no more statements, collection calls or agency commissions
  • Enhance debit / credit card security – securely store a token of patients’ cards versus keeping the information on pieces of paper
  • Import patient payments into your practice management system – integration options are available

Payments Processing
Say goodbye to your credit card terminal.

With Navicure® Payments™, processing patient payments is easy and convenient for both you and your patients. With the solution, you can:

  • Decrease the risk of bad debt by collecting at or near the time of service
  • Collect co-pays, unpaid balances, unmet deductibles and co-insurance quickly – no need to run to a credit card terminal because you can process payments through your computer
  • Provide your patients with an online bill pay option that doesn’t require them to login to a portal

Collecting from patients has never been so simple.

Even though we’re well into the digital age, many organizations still do not send electronic statements (eStatements) to patients as a part of their typical patient payments process – a shame considering how labor-intensive, error-prone and manual processing patient paper statements can be.

Why should you switch from paper to electronic statements? The answer is simple – to save time and money. With Navicure® Payments’™ eStatement solution, you can do just that.

With eStatements, you can have your patients opt-in to receive their statements electronically versus on paper. Patients can pay their bills online by simply clicking the links in their electronic patient statements. Your billing staff will love the convenience of tracking electronic patient statements and patients will enjoy the ease of receiving electronic statements and making payments online.

Automated Payment Plans
Convenient for patients. Easy for you.

Not all patients have the ability to pay their past due balances in full with one payment. In these instances, patients need the flexibility to pay their balance over time with a structured payment plan.

Administering payment plans can be a very manual process that takes a considerable amount of your staff’s time to follow-up and collect the monthly installments, not to mention the expense of sending statements each month detailing the total balance and installment amount due.

Navicure® Payments™ helps automate the entire process by enabling automated payment plans, eStatements and online bill pay which helps save your organization time and money and makes it easy for patients to pay quickly.

Use the solution to securely store patient’s credit card on file so that you can automatically charge it at a time you and your patient have agreed upon. No need to send monthly patient statements with the payment plan amount.

Secure Credit Card on File
A simple way to increase cash flow.

Navicure® Payments™ enables healthcare organizations to quickly and easily collect from patients and minimize the costs associated with paper patient statements, staff collection calls and collection agency fees.

The system securely stores patients’ debit / credit card numbers and charges each patient’s card once financial responsibility has been determined.

There is no need to worry about the safety of your credit or debit card information. Navicure® provides encrypted storage of patient credit card and debit card information by adhering to strict PCI compliance standards for transmission and storage of financial data.

By securely storing patients’ debit / credit card numbers on file, your organization can:

  • Charge or credit a patient’s account with no hassles – to your organization or patient – by having signed authorization on file
  • Store the patients’ debit / credit card information as a token for enhanced card security versus keeping the information on pieces of paper

Online Bill Payment
An option patients want and you need.

Navicure’s® online patient payment portal offers easy and convenient online bill payment, allowing you to expedite patient collections by having your patients pay their outstanding balances online using a variety of payment options. This will help your organization save staff time and give your patients the convenience of paying any time, from anywhere.