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Improve workforce efficiency in healthcare

Savvy healthcare organizations have cracked the code to boost margins and increase workforce efficiency. In this eBook, we’ll explore how four industry leaders are staying ahead of the curve.


4 common mistakes of automated RCM software

This eBook will help you uncover four critical — and all-too-common — mistakes many systems accidentally make while working to automate healthcare payments.


Choosing the right RCM vendor for automation success

Discover how to frame the conversation with a potential vendor, so you don’t sell yourself short when investing in your health organization’s automation technology.


2023 Trends in healthcare payments

Download this report to unlock current trends in healthcare payments for 2023, as well as proven strategies to help revenue cycle teams succeed.


A simple guide to AI, predictive analytics + automation in healthcare

In our easy-to-grasp guide to tech terms, we break down artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and automation. Then we tell you exactly where you can use each in your own rev cycle.


A better path to financial sustainability

Leverage strategies from 3 successful health systems to stay ahead amid today’s market challenges.