Denial prevention playbook

11 top causes of denials (and how to fix them)

If you work in denial prevention, you live and die by codes. CARCs and RARCs can tell you why a claim was paid differently than it was billed. But by the time you get to a code, a denial has already happened. That means time-consuming appeals, manual work, extended timelines, and lost revenue.

That’s not ideal — and it’s why we created this resource.

Get a proven denial prevention playbook

Working denials takes specific skills. The fact that 63% of denials are preventable yet most are never reworked shows how complex the process is. In this playbook, you’ll get a detailed look at the top denials — along with strategies to resolve, prevent, and automate that work in the future.

Take a deep dive into denials, examining where they most frequently originate as well as strategies to stay ahead of them. Discover the way forward.

What’s inside

This playbook will help you identify + overcome the 11 most common denials by offering:

  1. 1 A description of each denial
  2. 2 Potential causes
  3. 3 How to resolve it
  4. 4 Steps to prevent it
  5. 5 Opportunities to automate
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