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Waystar + Recondo: what the acquisition means for you

Waystar + Recondo: what the acquisition means for you
Recondo is now part of Waystar

You may have heard that Waystar recently acquired Recondo Technology. We’re excited about this development and we hope you are too. Read on to find out more about who Recondo is and what the acquisition means for clients.

Who is Recondo?

Recondo enables providers to be paid more, faster, and at a lower cost. Both a Best in KLAS category winner and HFMA peer-reviewed vendor, Recondo’s patient access and billing office solutions are used by hundreds of healthcare organizations across the country.

Leveraging artificial intelligence in the forms of robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, and natural language processing, Recondo helps clients financially clear patients and remediate costly denials.

Stronger together

Together, Waystar and Recondo will achieve even more for clients of both companies.

Recondo’s advanced RPA technology bolsters several of Waystar’s current solutions, including Claim Monitoring, Authorization, and Eligibility Verification. The companies’ combined size also improves connectivity and relationships with payers. With more data to predict and proactively improve accuracy, we can now leverage analytics to enhance products even further.

In short, Waystar and Recondo are better equipped to create a simpler, faster, and more efficient revenue cycle for providers and a more transparent financial experience for patients.

Great minds think alike

In addition to technological compatibility, Waystar and Recondo share a mission to change how healthcare organizations run.

Both companies believe that automation should enable providers to manage their business operations more efficiently to save room for the good stuff — creating meaningful and educational relationships with patients. Our similar company values and team culture

Moving forward as one Waystar, we can’t wait to show our clients what we can do together.

Further reading

To learn more about this acquisition, read the press release and our first blog announcement.

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