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Is the status quo costing you?

In healthcare revenue cycle management, the answer is likely “yes.” With billions lost each year due to administrative waste1, how much could you save with a platform approach to managing all healthcare payments?

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Waystar value calculator

How much could your organization gain with Waystar’s end-to-end healthcare payments platform? Use this step-by-step calculator to find out.

One platform. Maximum payoff.

Waystar’s mission-critical healthcare payments software empowers providers with the tools to reduce expenses, save time, accelerate payments, and optimize financial performance.

Financial Clearance

Verify insurance benefits, offer price transparency, automate prior authorizations, and more

Payment Management

Collect payments from patients, automate payer remittances, and get insight into your outsourced agencies’ effectiveness

Revenue Capture

Find missing charges and collect revenue your organization is owed

Claim + Payer Payment Management

Automate claim monitoring, streamline attachments, manage payer remittances, and more.

Denial Prevention + Recovery

Avoid, track, and appeal denials to get paid faster and more fully

Analytics + Reporting

Get actionable intelligence from your data and generate easy-to-understand reports

Piedmont’s way forward

With Waystar’s platform, Piedmont was able to grow revenue and free up staff to focus on high-touch tasks.

increase in point-of- service collections
patient Net Promoter Score
of claim status inquiries automated
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Proliance Surgeons’ way forward

Through Waystar’s platform, Proliance Surgeons transformed their patient collections process and boosted efficiency.

increase in staff productivity
projected savings in statement costs
increase in patient payments
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