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2023 Trends in healthcare payments

Download this report to unlock current trends in healthcare payments for 2023, as well as proven strategies to help revenue cycle teams succeed.


A simple guide to AI, predictive analytics + automation in healthcare

In our easy-to-grasp guide to tech terms, we break down artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and automation. Then we tell you exactly where you can use each in your own rev cycle.


A better path to financial sustainability

Leverage strategies from 3 successful health systems to stay ahead amid today’s market challenges.


Discover the right RCM partner for you

If you’re searching for a new RCM partner, we’ve simplified the process to find the perfect fit with our Request for Proposal template.


Vendor consolidation quiz

In today’s market, healthcare providers must overcome unprecedented obstacles. Amid limited staff, high patient volume and economic uncertainties, it’s crucial that organizations ensure operational and financial health now and in the future.

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Medicare direct data entry

Medicare claim management is complex. Managing multiple screens and logins, manually tracking and editing claims as well as relying on poor audit trails for reporting make it even tougher. As a CMS-approved network service vendor, Waystar delivers a low-cost, high-speed connection to your Medicare fiscal intermediary (DDE, FISS).