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the Waystar Difference

In the market for a new clearinghouse?
Find out why so many people choose Waystar. We offer all the core clearinghouse capabilities you need, plus advanced automation and analytics to make your life even easier. Most importantly, we treat our clients as valued partners and pride ourselves on knowledgeable, prompt support.

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SaaS-based platform

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Waystar is a SaaS-based platform. Each claim is time-stamped for visibility and proof of timely filing. Most clearinghouses are not SaaS-based.

Electronic workers comp claims

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Most clearinghouses have an integrated solution for electronic submissions of e-bills and attachments for workers comp, auto accident and liability claims.

Payer response messaging

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Waystar translates payer messages into plain English for easy understanding. Others group messages by payer, but don’t simplify them.

Claim batch transmission

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Some clearinghouses submit batches to payers. Waystar submits throughout the day and does not hold batches for a single rejection. Others only hold rejected claims and send the rest on to the payer.

Electronic appeals

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Waystar provides more than 900 payer-specific appeal forms with attachments, templates and proof of timely filing. Other clearinghouses support electronic appeals but do not provide forms.

Batch appeals

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Waystar can batch up to 100 appeals at a time. Most clearinghouses do not have batch appeal capability.

Automated enrollment

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Most clearinghouses provide enrollment support but require clients to complete and submit forms. Waystar submits and monitors payer agreements for clients.

Payer-specific edits

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Most clearinghouses allow for custom and payer-specific edits.

Client support

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Waystar has dedicated, in-house project managers that resolve payer issues and provide enrollment support.

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Why Waystar

When you work with Waystar, you’re getting more than a Best in KLAS clearinghouse. You also get functionality and insights you won’t find anywhere else—all available on a unified platform with a single login. We can surround and supplement your existing systems to help your organization get paid faster, fuller and more effectively. Here are just a few of the possibilities you can unlock with Waystar:

  • Achieve a 98.5% average first-pass clean claims rate
  • Automate claim status checks
  • Access valuable propensity-to-pay data without credit checks
  • Quickly and easily enter patient information
  • Provide easy-to-read patient statements and flexible payment options
  • Immediately process credit, debit, check and cash payments
  • Use predictive analytics to prioritize accounts
  • Prevent denials and automate appeals
  • Track and manage outside collection agency performance
  • Ensure charge accuracy
  • Automate prior authorizations
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Success that speaks for itself

For years, we’ve helped clients collect more revenue, trim AR days and give their patients more transparency into care costs. We’re always developing new and better solutions, and, because we’re cloud-based, updates happen automatically. Check out this case study to learn more about a client who made the switch to Waystar.

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By the numbers


first-pass clean claims rate


productivity improvement in working claims rejections


paperless appeal packages


more coverage found than peers

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Client support you can rely on

At Waystar, we’re focused on building long-term relationships. That’s why we’ve invested in world-class, in-house client support. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from implementation through the transformation of your revenue cycle, ready to answer any questions or concerns as they arise.

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