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Waystar’s Accelerated Implementation Program: Success stories, metrics + more

Waystar’s Accelerated Implementation Program: Success stories, metrics + more

In the wake of February’s cybersecurity attack, costly disruptions in healthcare payment operations affected healthcare organizations across the U.S. Even months later, many providers are still fighting to fully regain control of their revenue cycles.

But through Waystar’s Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP), tens-of-thousands of providers were able to resume operations and restore cashflow in record time, even submitting claims within 72 business hours of contract execution.

By choosing Waystar as their new partner, these organizations have set themselves up for success now — and for the future.  

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Health system submits $42.5M in claims in 2 days with Waystar

When systems went down and cashflow stopped, this leading Texas-based health system had to act — quickly. With more than 60 hospitals, their $6 billion in annual net patient revenue was at risk.

They chose Waystar, and in just 48 hours, they saw powerful results.

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Why did this health system choose Waystar?

Hear directly from revenue cycle leaders in this on-demand webinar. From weighing the pros and cons of working directly with payers to logistical questions about enrollment, they: 

  • Outline every step of their decision-making process, and  
  • Answer questions from audience members who are evaluating their options. 

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What the industry is saying 

“Within 24 hours of reaching out to the Waystar team, we fully completed system design and build efforts,” says Experity CEO David Stern. In less than 72 hours, we were able to get up and running, submitting claims again. The responsiveness and high-quality work of the Waystar team cannot be overstated, and we are eternally grateful to them for their efficient, effective, and timely service.” 

Quote “The responsiveness and high-quality work of the Waystar team cannot be overstated. We are eternally grateful to them for their efficient, effective, and timely service.” David Stern, Experity CEO

Waystar is a software company that serves people — and we always remember that. Our goal is to guide and empower providers with a better experience and long-term solutions. That way, organizations can reach peak performance and deliver patient financial care, today and in the future. 

“Throughout the crisis, we were amazed by the tireless efforts of healthcare organizations to ensure continuity of patient care at all costs,” says Waystar CEO Matt Hawkins. “Waystar is honored to work alongside these organizations.”  

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What clients are saying about Waystar’s implementation + support 

Speeding time-to-value

“The fact that claims were stood up and out the door in less than 4 days — and cash back in and auto-posted into Epic in 12 days — is pretty impressive. Thanks for your partnership.”

— Senior Vice President of Revenue Cycle, Leading Health System

Expediting implementation

“The team was literally cheering, ‘We’re in production!’ I cannot thank you all enough for all the long days, late nights and insanely fast responses to all our requests. The quality of work your teams are doing cannot be overstated.”

— Executive Vice President, DME/HME Company

Offering superior support

“Thank you for the efficient, effective and timely client service. Wow! [It was] very impressive that you were able to get us up so quickly and help us so thoroughly. Talk about phenomenal client service! It truly is a blessing, and we are eternally grateful.”

— Revenue Cycle Director, Leading Health System

#1 in client satisfaction for implementation #1 in client satisfaction vs. competitors #1 in product innovation + vision

Third Party Provider Satisfaction Survey, Sept. 2023 


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