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The Truth is In the Numbers: Why a Proactive Payment Strategy Matters

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Did you know….close to 90% of percent of surveyed organizations can provide cost estimates at the time of service, but only a small portion of patients indicate they receive one without asking for it? At the same time, nearly 70% of patients would be more likely to return for care and more likely to recommend the provider to a friend if they received an estimate*.

Those are just a couple of examples of why a proactive patient payment strategy matters. Are you interested in learning how to kick off a successful revenue cycle at the front office? That’s where a proactive patient payment strategy begins, so tune into Lisa Waterfield, enterprise consultant at Waystar, as she discusses how to streamline front-office processes and more in our on-demand webinar, Steps for a Proactive Patient Payments Strategy.

Waterfield provides examples of technology, processes, and tips that can help modernize, simplify, and ultimately increase your patient revenue. You’ll learn how:

  • Easily automate eligibility verification
  • Uncover hidden patient coverage
  • Create simple price estimates at time of service

We had a great turnout, so thanks to everyone who attended the webinar! If you missed it live or want a refresh, you can request to view it. Thank you for your interest!


*2018 Waystar Patient Payment Check-Up Report

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