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Case Study

Floyd Health Care System

How a health system recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in four months with Charge Integrity

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Revenue capture

On average, health systems and hospitals lose 1%* of potentialnet revenue due to charge capture problems, which can amountto millions of dollars annually. Look to our predictive analytics,advanced rules and expert auditors to reveal actionable insights thatcan help you increase revenue.

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Propelling growth through partnership

Offer your clients the latest in revenue cycle technology to drivegrowth for your business.

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Rapid quality adoption

When implementing a new solution, you need to consider downtime in submitting new claims, resources to dedicate to the transition, educating employees and potential return on your investment. Learn more about Waystar's dedication to improving the adoption process.

White Paper

Revenue Integrity: Taking an integrated, data-driven approach to charge capture

Charge capture leakage costs hospitalsmillions each year—as much as 1% ofpotential revenue.1 It’s a problem that’splagued our health system for decades andone that’s only magnified by decreasedreimbursement, slim margins and a changingregulatory landscape.

Case Study

Yuma Regional Medical Center

How Waystar's Charge Integrity solution helped uncover $27M in 35 months.

Case Study

Novant Health

How a health system identified $7.5 million in recoverable net revenue in just 15 months.

Case Study

$12.9 Million Delivered from Revenue Cycle Revamp

$400+ million net patient revenue health system includes three hospitals and 13 regional clinics


Simplify Your Journey to Revenue Cycle Success

Your guide to overcoming the seven greatest rev cycle challenges.

White Paper

Revenue Leakage in Hospitals and Health Systems: What are you missing?

Identifying and understanding the most common sources of revenue leaks.