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Steps for a Proactive Patient Payment Strategy

Kick off a successful revenue cycle at the front office.

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Strategies to Keep the Cash Flowing in Ambulatory Care Settings

Learn how your organization can identify AR vulnerabilities and apply the right technologies to boost cash flow, reduce bad debt…

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Abandoning Business as Usual

Watch this one-hour webinar presented by industry expert and author Dr. Deborah Walker Keegan, PhD, FACMPE.

Case Study

Health System – $12.9M Delivered


Patient Collections –12 Strategies for Success

Discover 12 strategies you can implement to start seeing tangible changes to your bottom line.

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Seven Steps to Improving Revenue Cycle Management

Discover how to enhance your organization’s performance with smarter, more efficient processes, claims management and more.

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Patient Payment Collections: Business Critical for Today’s Healthcare Organizations

Find out how to take patient billing to the next level, with technology and processes that ensure payment—and enhance revenue.

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Key Metrics in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Is your organization financially healthy? Use these four key metrics to ensure effective patient billing, claims management, and peak financial…


Defeat Denials with Data

A great deal of the time, practices aren’t sure why all of their denials happened—therefore, they can’t be sure they…


Simplify Your Journey to Revenue Cycle Success

Revenue cycle technology promises a wealth of benefits to hospitals and health systems; however, many find their current products doesn’t…


Waystar’s 2018 Patient Payment Check-Up™

The 2018 Patient Payment Check-Up survey compares what patients want and what providers are currently offering, providing practical tips to…


7 Strategies to Drive Cash Flow Series Part 2

Denial management in healthcare continues to be a challenge—in part because the traditional way of working denials is time-consuming, costly,…


7 Strategies to Drive Cash Flow Series Part 1

Denial management in healthcare continues to be a challenge—in part because the traditional way of working denials is time-consuming, costly, and…


Ambulatory AR Checkup: The Providers’ Guide to Healthy Accounts Receivable

This eBook not only gives you a snapshot of AR key performance indicators (KPIs), but also zeroes in on three common…


Post-Care Collections: A Proactive Guide

Are you a healthcare provider with limited opportunities to discuss payment with patients before you render services? If so, you…

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Epic Expectations: Cost Cuts your Health Information System Should Deliver

Value-based reimbursement has changed the way hospitals and health systems manage revenue. Rather than offsetting expenses by delivering more services…

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Revenue Leakage in Hospitals and Health Systems: What are you missing?

Take the first step towards correcting revenue leakage by identifying and understanding the most common sources of revenue leaks.


Hospital and Physician Practice Revenue Integrity

Despite a health system's best efforts to bill correctly, revenue loss due to missed charges occur more frequently than most…

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Tame the Madness: Best Practices in the Front Office

Optimize your patient experience and payment revenue with strategies from an industry expert.

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Transforming AR: Lessons Learned from High-Performing Revenue Cycle Operations

What can you learn from high-performing revenue cycles? HFMA speaker Sandra Wolfskill, FHFMA, shares secrets to success in this on-demand…

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The Front Office – From Basic to Business Critical

Learn how the front office can contribute to positive business outcomes.