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There were plenty of red flags that spelled the demise of Amazon, JPMorgan healthcare venture, experts say

Waystar CEO Matt Hawkins explains what the healthcare community can learn from Haven’s disbanding.

2020’s top 20 digital health M&A deals totaled $50B

Healthcare saw much M&A activity in 2020, including Waystar's acquisition of payments and revenue cycle management platform eSolutions.

Healthcare leaders reflect on 2020, look ahead to 2021

Matt Hawkins speaks to how innovative digital health platforms can improve connectivity within the healthcare system.

AI, automated tools root out the dental industry’s insurance payout pains

Waystar CEO Matt Hawkins discusses the complexities of healthcare payments and how these challenges can prompt faster, more efficient processes.

10 health IT acquisitions over $100M in 2020

2020 saw many important digital health deals, including Waystar's acquisition of RCM leader eSolutions.

How we pay for health

Matt Hawkins speaks with Axios about the financial challenges the U.S. healthcare system is facing and how better tech and payment processes can help.

3 strategies to help hospitals capture revenue during COVID-19

Waystar shares how analytics and coverage detection tools can help hospitals bring in more revenue, more efficiently.

Waystar CEO weighs in on the future of telehealth reimbursement

Waystar CEO Matt Hawkins discusses how telehealth helps drive patient engagement and improve care access in undeserved communities.

The future of healthcare payments: Predictions for 2021

Waystar CEO Matt Hawkins predicts what the future will hold for healthcare payments, telehealth and price transparency.

Simpler bills, more payment options can improve hospital billing experience

Medical bills are a major pain point for patients, but research shows the price transparency mandate is a step in the right direction.

Financial problems aren’t the only reason that patients don’t pay their medical bills on time

Waystar consumer survey on price transparency explores challenges patients are facing and how the billing experience can be improved.

Patient financial experience hinges on patient-centered billing

Waystar survey finds patients want a more consumer-friendly billing process and helpful price transparency tools.

Waystar survey finds patients more stressed about medicals bills than about care

With price transparency final rule approaching, data reveals patients seek greater clarity on their financial responsibility.

Tech providers target billing speed to fix ailing health care payments

Waystar CEO Matt Hawkins looks at the current state of healthcare payments and where the industry is headed with the help of innovative, patient-focused tech.

Providers look to secure revenue amid uncertainty

Matt Hawkins discusses revenue cycle management today, exploring interoperability, prior authorization, the patient financial experience and more.

5 price transparency strategies for healthcare providers to boost revenue and patient loyalty

Waystar’s VP of product shares how the right price transparency strategies can help hospitals increase revenue and patient satisfaction.

Building a patient financial experience that grows collections and stronger relationships

How an improved financial engagement strategy can help boost self-pay revenue by creating a more transparent, convenient financial journey for patients.

HFMA task force releases best practices for resolving patient medical bills

A recent Waystar study found that a quarter of patients find pricing too complicated to understand.

Cedar, Waystar team up to tackle healthcare pricing transparency: 4 details

Waystar announces new partnership with patient engagement and payment leader Cedar.

Waystar partners with Cedar on price transparency initiative

Cedar enters into partnership with Waystar to enhance pre-visit capabilities.

‘The right thing to do’: 7 Qs with Waystar’s Heather Kawamoto on price transparency in 2021

Our VP of product discusses new price transparency regulations and what hospitals can expect.