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Bringing Ovation’s technology into the Waystar family as we keep dreaming bigger

It’s been a busy few months for Waystar. We’re building a new approach to healthcare payments and offering bigger and better solutions to our clients and their patients. Last month we announced the acquisition of Connance, a leading provider of predictive analytics solutions for healthcare providers.

Today, we’re adding another exciting technology to our platform with the acquisition of the claims monitoring business from UPMC’s Ovation. This technology will bring powerful algorithms that give unprecedented claims visibility, and we are thrilled to bring them into the Waystar family.

This is important news for the nearly 500,000 healthcare providers Waystar serves, and for the revenue cycle management process. It also speaks to just how big we’re dreaming at Waystar. Healthcare spending isn’t a small problem; it’s a multi-trillion-dollar industry full of headaches and inefficiencies for patients and providers—so fixing it demands bold thinking.

That’s what drew us to Connance and Ovation: both of these companies have incredible technology and are looking to solve big problems in really creative ways. As part of Waystar, these technologies can now reach many additional providers and ultimately benefit millions of patients. We’re already looking for inventive new ways to apply these technologies across the healthcare industry.

You can read more about Ovation and what we plan to accomplish together here.

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