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Hubble AI

Hubble is Waystar’s artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation platform.

It incorporates predictive analytics, robotic process automation and machine learning.

AI is the future of the revenue cycle. By working with Hubble, our clients will be ahead of the curve.

Hubble automates repetitive revenue cycle tasks so staff can focus on more complex projects and higher priorities.

Hubble augments billing teams to help providers get paid faster, fuller and more effectively.

Growing faster and smarter over time, Hubble offers short- and long-term benefits.

An artificial intelligence + robotic process automation platform

Waystar is proud to introduce Hubble. By automating healthcare payments processes that previously required human labor, Hubble allows healthcare organizations to redirect their resources to improving patient and community care. Learning and growing more efficient over time, Hubble represents the next leap in revenue cycle technology.

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Powered by Hubble AI
Patient Financial Clearance Detect hidden insurance coverage and automate prior authorizations, reducing cost to collect as well as surprise bills for patients. Identify patients who are eligible for financial assistance.
Revenue Integrity Automatically identify incorrect and under-coded claims, including DRG anomalies, before a claim is submitted.
Claim Management Ensure claims are submitted correctly to payers, reducing denials. Automate claim status checks to save team resources.
Denial Management Identify denials with the highest likelihood of being overturned to increase yield.
Patient Financial Experience Determine the ability and probability of a patient to pay. Create tailored communications on informed timetables to increase collections.
Agency Management Gain insight into the performance of outsourced collection agencies to improve returns.

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