Navicure® Perform™
Turn insights into action.

Solving reimbursement bottlenecks is not a one-time activity. Changes in payer policies, annual coding changes, staff turnover, and other volatile factors mean that there are always challenges to overcome when maintaining a consistent and predictable cash flow. Navicure® Perform™ lets you stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of your revenue cycle by providing ongoing actionable data that is updated nightly (rather than monthly as with many other solutions) and points your staff to the specific issues impeding reimbursement. This lets you focus on which claims and payers need attention to make immediate improvements and to prevent the same problems from resurfacing in the future.

Flexible Dashboards
Zero in on issues.

We’ve broken the revenue cycle down into its core phases and provided key performance indicators (KPIs) for each of them on their own focused dashboard: Submission Performance, Rejection Performance, Denial Performance, and Cash Flow.

From there, you can use our healthcare data analytics tools to drill down into any of the individual KPIs to get a more detailed business intelligence report that allows you to zero in on issues impacting your organization’s revenue cycle performance.

Powerful Filters
Slice your data any way you’d like.

Each report has powerful filter options that allow you to easily slice and dice your healthcare data in ways that are most meaningful to your organization. There is no need for multiple, redundant reports to get the specific data you need. With our flexible and intuitive business intelligence filtering options, different views into your healthcare data analytics are only a few clicks away.

View Data Across Multiple Sites
Only see data for the sites you’re interested in.

For organizations with multiple locations, Navicure® Perform™ gives you the flexibility to view your revenue cycle in many different ways – by location, group of locations or entire organization.

Drill Down into the Details
Take action.

Some healthcare data analytics solutions only give you a high-level summary of trends and statistics. With those products, you are left on your own to decide what actions to take to make improvements.

Navicure® Perform™ lets you drill down into any report to see the underlying claims and take action to correct problems from within Navicure® ClaimFlow™ and work with your staff on preventing them from happening moving forward.