Navicure® Care Estimator™
The estimates patients want and payment transparency they need.

Navicure® Care Estimator™ is a cloud-based solution that generates an estimate of a patient’s financial responsibility, enabling healthcare organizations to provide their patients with full price transparency.

  • Increase revenue and decrease days in AR by providing patients with an estimate of their financial responsibility, making it easier to collect at the time of service
  • Improve patient satisfaction – accurate cost estimation and financial transparency leaves patients with fewer questions about their medical bills
  • Empower your staff to answer patients’ pricing questions with confidence by providing them with a tool that enables them to do so

Patient Responsibility Estimation
Easy for your staff. Important to your patients.

Patients are paying more out of pocket and their share of financial responsibility for their healthcare continues to grow. As a result, they expect an estimate of their share of the bill so they can plan and budget accordingly.

Navicure® Care Estimator™ provides patient responsibility estimation that is designed to help limit the effects of this increased patient responsibility on your revenue.

At the time of service, the solution can be used to easily and quickly generate patient estimates. Each estimate includes a real-time eligibility check to determine unmet deductibles and co-insurance amounts.

With Navicure’s patient responsibility estimation capabilities, your organization will be able to:

  • Improve patient satisfaction with a cost of care estimate
  • Decrease AR days by having patients pre-authorize a charge, up to the estimated amount
  • Empower your staff to answer patients’ pricing questions with confidence by providing them with a tool that enables them to do so

Estimation Flexibility and Accuracy
Access the care estimate resources that work best for your organization.

Navicure® Care Estimator™ has the flexibility to use historical remittance data, fee schedules, or a hybrid combination of the two when generating your patients’ care estimations. By allowing the combined use of these data sources, the solution lets you give your patients an accurate, real-time estimate of their financial responsibility, which leads to increased price transparency and patient care satisfaction.