/ August 27, 2018

Infographic: Patient Payments Revenue Shouldn’t Take Time Off

Today’s front desk staff is much more than the “face of the practice.” They’re also key in requesting and collecting patient payments–-which means they directly impact how much revenue you receive.
The good news is, with a combination of the right training, processes and technology, you can optimize your front desk to help ensure you collect every penny you’re owed.

Download our Front Desk Essentials infographic to learn tips on:

  • Training and incentivizing your team
  • Maximizing use of patient financial information
  • Leveraging automation and engagement to ensure payment in full

Plus helpful statistics on patient collections!

Or to learn how Waystar’s patient payment solutions can help you collect more with less cost and less stress: schedule time to speak with us online or call 855-822-6993.


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