Want More Revenue? The Ball is In Your Court

Grand Slam season kicked off last week with the Australian Open underway in Melbourne. In preparation, defending champion Roger Federer and other tennis greats have been perfecting their serves, tweaking their backhands and improving their conditioning for better speed and accuracy. Because as the great tennis player – and 2001 Australian Open champ – Andre Agassi once said, “If you don’t practice, you don’t deserve to win.”

The same is true for your revenue cycle, especially when it comes to A/R issues around patient payments and estimation. Getting there requires the right tools and workflows.

And just like a strong first serve in tennis relies on power, accuracy and timing, the best way to make your percentage shots for your revenue cycle is to practice putting the right interventions in place at the right time. Doing so can help your organization spot and correct potential billing errors sooner, saving valuable time and improving your ability to get paid faster.

That’s the sweet spot for estimation tools, which help you deliver better pricing transparency, empowering you to offer patients a cost estimate before or at the time of service. Best of all, patients appreciate knowing what to expect up front so they can make proactive plans for payment.

And while the right estimation tool for your organization can be easy to learn and use, ongoing training is another intervention that saves your organization time and money, and helps the revenue cycle work smoothly and confidently.

This includes ongoing mentoring for your teams in their current front- or back-office roles, as well as cross-training to help them see their place in making the entire revenue cycle flow efficiently. It’s the same for tennis pros who train and cross-train to achieve optimal performance. After all, practice makes perfect.

And when it comes to managing your revenue cycle, the ball is in your court.

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