Saving Trees and Cutting Costs With Automation

How will you celebrate Earth Day this April 22? Planting a flower garden with your kids? Educating a classroom of eager learners on environmental issues and steps they can take to improve our planet’s health? Investing in reusable water bottles?  To get started, here are some interesting facts:

  1. In the last decade, the Earth Day Network planted tens of millions of trees, with the goal of planting 7.8 billion by their 50th anniversary in 2020.
  2. This is the fourth consecutive year that more U.S. electricity capacity came from renewable energy sources than natural gas.
  3. 45% of patients are open to digital billing options.

That last item was recently uncovered in our 2018 Patient Payment Check-Up survey. And it’s an earth-friendly statistic worth paying attention to.

While younger patients have the strongest preference for digital billing options, survey respondents across all age ranges expressed growing interest in having streamlined revenue processes that include digital communications, flexible online payment options and more transparency around the cost of their care. This includes offerings such as:

  • Securely storing a credit card on file for small one-time payments
  • Setting up automated payment plans to enable patients to pay larger bills over time
  • Providing patient estimates so patients can better plan for the cost of their care

Organizations that add these automated capabilities can improve the patient experience while helping practices collect more and stress less. For more insight, read what Uber and Amazon have to do with your patient billing practices.

And since our survey also showed 96% of providers send paper statements through the mail, organizations should consider adding electronic statements to their practice as a starting point. These can be delivered via email, patient portal or even text. Patients can opt in if they choose, and providers can rest assured they’re addressing a wider range of patient preferences, too.

On Earth Day, this should be an easy decision. So save a tree or 10 and send electronic statements as a win-win for digital convenience. Your patients will love you for it, and so will the planet.

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