ERA Customization: How to accelerate reimbursement and achieve “Perfection”

If you’re a child of the ‘80s, you may remember a game called Perfection—and its more difficult cousin, Superfection. After setting the timer, you’d have 60 seconds to find the correct “home” for the 25 differently-shaped game pieces scattered everywhere. Superfection upped the challenge: before fitting each game piece into its home, you’d have to first assemble two different pieces into one correct shape. As the seconds ticked on, it was easy to get frantic—you didn’t want to be the player who couldn’t fit the pieces correctly or find their homes before you heard the “ding” that signified you’d lost everything!

ERA posting shares some similarities with these ‘80s games. In many cases, healthcare organizations have grown through mergers and acquisitions, and their various physician practices and other providers must submit claims under a shared tax ID. When this happens, one physician practice within the healthcare organization may receive the remit, and its revenue cycle staff must forward remit data to make sure each practice or hospital within the system receives their correct portion. Consequently, staff ends up with more work as they try to beat the clock and recognize timely reimbursement. And just like in Perfection and Superfection, staff must work hard and fast to find each portion of the remit’s correct “home.”

That’s where the analogy ends, though, because claims reimbursement is no ‘80s game—and manually posting ERAs can lead to inefficiencies that don’t end when a 60-second timer goes off! Smart healthcare organizations are turning to technology to solve ERA challenges such as these:

• Practices that share a tax ID with another entity (hospital, other practices, etc.)
• Practices with one Tax ID with separate Practice Management systems for ERA posting
• Practices that receive multiple remits from a single payer within a single day

Without technology to automate and customize ERAs, these challenges can drain on your internal resources and drive up cost to collect.

If you have challenges around how your ERA are (or aren’t) delivered, learn more about Waystar’s ERA customization—and how it can help your organization accelerate reimbursement and achieve efficiency.

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